Ticking off the early signs of spring

in #nature4 years ago

It's just past Easter and it's still not warm. In fact, we've had more snow in February-March than I can remember for 5 years.

But I'm still spotting some of the early signs of spring so clearly the birds and flowers and getting ready regardless. So far I've seen:

  • Blackthorn bushes flowering
  • Snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils everywhere
  • Frogs in the garden pond
  • New growth on the sedum plant
  • Buzzards skydancing
  • Bumblebees in the garden
  • Blue tits preparing the nestbox
  • Coots nest building on the river
  • A slight tickle of hayfever
  • My cat is staying outdoors for longer


What signs of spring have you spotted so far?


So far we have no plant life yet, and more snow is coming on Friday and Saturday. BUT the Robins are here, and THAT means spring for us. 💜

The Sea Gulls and Geese are returning as well!

Yay! Slowly they come back.

More snow, yikes !

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