My houseplant collection

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Good afternoon Steemians.

Is anyone else obsessed with houseplants?

My houseplant collection has reached 30 plus and counting. I mostly go for plants that require little maintenance and provide greenery all year round. I'm not so fussed on flowering plants or even flowers in themselves as they just don't last. I've got ferns, succulents, cacti... Any recommendations for my next plant are welcome.

Here's a selection of my best looking houseplants cluttering up my space right now.
















Very nice! I’m a sucker for succulents😉

Nice 😊 A home without plants doesn't feel like a real home to me. You seem to have a cozy home.

I see you've got a Pilea peperomioides 😃 Lovely species with such an interesting history as a house plant. I love maidenhair ferns too, but I find them quite demanding, as they require high humidity and frequent waterings. Yours is looking fine though.

I'm also into succulents because they're generally low maintenance. If you've got enough sun Crassula ovata (jade plant) and Portulacaria afra (mini jade) are really easy to keep and with time they can become large and beautiful plants. Both species are quite drought tolerant and you can even shape them into small trees if you want. P. afra has cute little lime-green leaves which contrast beautifully with their reddish branches.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant) is a striking species which is very low maintenance and quite tolerant of low light.

I've recently discovered snake plants. I see you've got a little S. trifasciata cultivar. There are several species with beautifully patterned leaves. Really easy to care for.

These were just a few suggestions. I'm a bit nerdy when it comes to plants and it's a subject I'll gladly talk about.

I'm also interested in photography and am a fellow vegan. Just followed you 😊

Aw thank you for your comment! My maidenhair fern is nearly dead, I always kill them, I don't know why. Clearly I don't water them enough but they're fine one day, then suddenly dead the next. Such a shame because they are one of my favourite house plants, I love looking at them on a windowsill in summer with the window open as they leaves gently bob around. But I just always kill them.

I do like the Pilea, it's coming along nicely, though not too happy since being repotted.

Thanks for the tip about the jade plant, that might be a good addition as I do get a lot of sun in the living room. I do like the leaves when I see them in the garden centre as they do look like mini trees.