Have I changed in 25 years?

in nature •  last year

My mother wrote this poem about me 25 years ago, when I was 5.

As much as I may believe I have changed over the years, I must be wrong, because this still describes me. It's certainly cause for a reevaluation on my thoughts about nature vs nurture.

Which parts of you have survived society?

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I think my smile has survived society. I still smile even though i feel warped inside. My belief in true love has survived too. Despite all the heartbreaks and loneliness, i still believe there is a beautiful woman out there waiting for me to sweep her off her feet.
I still believe my friends to be true. I have been wrong several times but i have never stopped believing in the friend that stick closer than a brother.
These are the parts of me that have survived societal influence.


These are great qualities to retain growing up in such a world. You are lucky.


It is not easy keeping this flickering light on; there are bills to pay and the utility company is not friendly. I have so many scars but i just have great faith. Your mom is the best.

That's a beautiful poem. You are lucky to have such an amazing mother! This post made me smile, thank you for sharing.


Thank you. You are right, though you have made me realise that perhaps she doesn't know I think so.


Then go and tell her! It's really as simple as that. Your post reminded me of that and I spoke to my mom after I read it!


Well then this post was a useful one if it inspired some bonding. I won't tell her, but I will find a way to demonstrate it to her.

You're still the naughty type, I guess! :)

It seems your mother nurtured aspects of your character, such as a freedom of spirit, which would be frowned upon and discouraged by many parents.


I hadn't considered that, for all my introspection. Funny that. It's probably because it doesn't ring true, but it's certainly a lovely thought.

They say, "The more we change, the more we stay the same".

But, it isn't quite true. What usually changes is our perspective of things. And because we perceive them differently, we react to them differently. But the same drives are underneath.

Such as, you want to get to Albuquerque, and so you are travelling ever north. But then you learn that Albuquerque is in the south, and so, all in one day you change your direction in life.

We were never given a map, so ...


I have to say, normally what you say goes right over my head, but that's a really fucking good analogy, and it seems accurate to me based on my experience.