Holiday trip to Offersøya

in nature •  2 years ago

Like previous summers we return to Offersøya in Lødingen municipality, situated south on the Island Hinnøya. This year we arrived there by boat.
The scenery that meet visitors is a breathtaking experience. When the weather proved from its best side, Offersøya is a dream you hope will last forever. I think you understand when you see my pictures.

On our way to Offersøya. About two and half hours boat ride from Narvik.

Just amazing.




Nearby where we stayed is a holiday center, Offersøy Feriesenter. At This place you can rent seaside cabins. They offer boat rentals, but also organized tours.

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Nice photos, nice trip!

Beautiful pictures from a beautiful place! I miss the nature of nortern Norway. Thank you for sharing


You welcome! I will continue sharing. Offersøy is amazing.

It is a beautiful holliday paradise! Really good pictures :D


Thanks! I certainly will visit Offersøy again.

Awesome pictures, really nice to see the beauty of nature. Personally it makes me feel calm and relax. Thank you for sharing such great post.


Thanks @creativewoman! Im looking forward to share more pictures on steemit.

Hello, great post, beautiful pictures :)


Thanks, Im blogging on:)

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