Musical Adventures in the Alps :D

in #nature3 years ago

Hey Steemians,

This is a video from my last adveture in the Alps,

perfect Sunny day for hiking and i finished it with a splash in the ice cold river,

and i also tested if my Go pro is really Waterproof :D


Peace, Shaka ;)


Where you at in the Alps? looks like Austria to me, but could be anywhere. nice idea, next you should go back in winter and snowboard playing your chaos pad. eeeooooohhhh!

Slovenia, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, really close to Austria :D

I already did that , haha :D

Dude where was this in the alps??

what a cool location??

i just moved to switzerland and i am totally on the hunt for good hikes thats why i am asking :)

Slovenia, Kamnik-Savinja Alps :)

Im sure you have a lot of sick places like this near you :D

and Thank you, im glad you enjoyed :)

what email can i use to send you an Mp3 of one of your tracks I used for your thoughts before we move ahead

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