Hip Hop Finger Drumming / Making a Beat on a Mountain Top

in #nature3 years ago

Hey there Steemians,

This is a short edit from my last adventure in the Alps.

Last week me and my cousin, visited Veliki Rogatec in Kamnik Savinja Alps, Slovenia. It is not the highest mountain in the region, but the views from the top are stunning. And getting up to the summit gets your adrenalin pumping, because of the steep trail and you also have to do some easy climbing .

Of course i had to bring my Maschine with me , and drop some Jazzy Grooves on the Top :)

Enjoy ,

Peace, Shaka ;)


A very beautiful place, I think I was not daring to walk on those rocks hahaha but when you get up there the view that you see is impressive and worth all that tour <3
You created a great rhythm I really liked what you created with your Maschine a big hug @shakazula

love that you've included a little intro with the climb up this time!!

and dang that's a sweet tweety-dib-diddledidoo beat.

nice fresh smaples - amaze balls as always

Ill include even more nature clips in my next videos, and i also have a longer version of this sweet tweety-dib-diddledidoo beat ready haha, stay tuned ;)

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Great day to you aswell :)

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It looks very steep and also dangerous when you walk on that rock..

Finger drumming? I've never heard of that before and I love it now! It's such a cool small machine and it's nice to see how you drum with your fingers :) Do you also use normal drums or is this your only instrument?

Thank you for sharing your video! Every day is a school day and I learned that something like finger drumming exists :)

Ok, that seriously is a nice beat, somehow it made me remember an old soundtrack of a DreamCast game called Xtreme Sports lol.that view is amazing, so on tune, nice job!
Btw I'm really curious on what camera did you used to record this?

Oh wow @shakazula! Firstly, that is one crazy mountain to climb, my hats off to you. Secondly, this is a cool jazzy tune and beat to be playing on top of the mountain! :) It sounds like "I made it and I am gonna chill and relax now and groove a little.." :D
I do finger drumming on table tops when I get bored and now, thanks to you, I know that there is actually machine that can professionalize this finger drumming :)

Amazing views and I'll bet that old mountain was delighted by your musical serenade! 😍

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