Nature in purple. (Photos by sard@rt)

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Cagliari 053.jpg

Purple is a very intense and particular color that is found in so many flowers. But they also recall the purple even some spectacular shades of the sky during the sunsets on the mouth of the river.
The trees that are clothed with purple are the Jacarande, a South-African plant also widespread in Cagliari (Italy) my city.
Violet also in fruit: grapes, plums and peppers are the examples I want to show you.

I do not really believe in the meaning and symbolism attributed to the colors ... I prefer to trace the inn inns around me ... see those who have caught my attention.
Here's my nature in purple

thanks for your time
photo_2017-09-26_19-07-07  aa.jpg

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Your pictures always capturate and surprise me.


many thanks

el color de la transmutacion


Oh yes!

Colore stupendo! Uno dei miei preferiti in assoluto.. le ultime due foto sono le più belle 😍

· , concordo, è un bel colore....

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is....
thanks for these beautiful photos

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thanks a lot

Great..For the first time I saw such beautiful scenes. Every photograph is really awesome. I appreciate your great photography.

Nature is great.

So much beauty... wonderful photography

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