Sunsets in the lagoon. Sardinia (Italy). (photos by sard@rt)steemCreated with Sketch.

in nature •  17 days ago


The sunsets on the sea are very beautiful. But believe me, even those who have a lagoon as a backdrop can reserve fantastic sensations.
Like these, I saw near my city (Cagliari) in the lagoon of Santa Gilla.
Everything is reflected, everything is exalted.
Golden moments.
Thanks for your time!

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Thanks for these beautiful sunsets)

Sunset means that day is over and there will be a new day, a new dream and good Hope...

I love golden sunsets....great captures!
Steem on :)

I really like when in the evenings at sunset in the mirror
surface of the water or the sea reflected clouds.

It seems that they come down from the sky to visit the earth :-)

Thanks for the great footage, @Sardrt

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Diese Sonnenuntergänge können auf jeden Fall mithalten,danke für die schönen Bilder 😊

These scenes just make me feel so mellow :-)