The earth is our home, sharing ideas to safeguard our beautiful communities part 2.

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All communities or ecosystems on this our beautiful and lovely planet needs to be managed in a sustainable manner, as it the the only planet that harbors life. Its depletion has been on a constant rise within the past century. We therefore need to actively and aggressively crusade for actions and improved efforts towards this. In the past days in Kenya for example, students have been marching demanding for action against climate change, as well as the case in Sweden and other parts of the world. On this platform, we therefore need to play our own little role.

  • Soil is the mother of almost every mouthful of food and as such we rely on for our basic livelihood. Even the smallest child needs to be taught so that they can play a part in looking after this crucial resource underneath our feet.

    And together we can help improve on its rapid depleting state.
  • Wildlife as well serves as food, provide shelter, income and inspiration but yet many people suffer a great deal when they attack our livestock especially the carnivorous type and raid crops.

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    But better still, we can always find ways to live safely along side the diverse wildlife if the world. Africa is home to many animal species and thus should be conserved.
  • Water is the essence of life and all living things depends on it for survival. Keeping this wonderful and important resource clean and using it in a sustainable manner is of paramount importance.

    This can be done by planting environmentally friendly trees, reducing deforestation, preserving water catchment areas, water sources etc.
    -Forests also serves as vegetative cover, home for our wildlife, sources of medicine, provides shelter but yet they keep disappearing day in and out.

    We should therefore engage in meaningful approaches to save our forests and should know that whoever plants a tree, plants hope.

    Alternatively, deserts, drought areas and marginal lands can be improved upon by providing manuring, irrigation and therefore put under agricultural use.
    This approach will help in slowing down efforts to acquire new areas for this purpose, as such collectively we can greatly contribute in saving this beautiful and lovely planet of our, the earth.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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It is a great thing to develop positive attitude towards safeguarding this beautiful planet of our.

u sure picked some amazing photos to inspire us with, thank you for this! I was very happy also to hear of many children protesting about climate change.. finally! yay!


Yeah definitely i will do so Sir, thanks