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Wow.... just wow!

While taking a stroll with my parents and children at a park the other day, I noticed this tree. It's a Diosporos virginia, the American Persimmon. Once the freeze/frost hits tonight and the next couple of days, a lot of these fruit will probably fall to the ground, and then be ready for consumption. We really like them, and I think that they taste kind of like an Orange Freezer Pop. Anyway, I was blown away by how many persimmons were actually on this tree. Have you ever tried eating these? If so, what did you think?
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  ·  22 days ago (edited)

Oh, really a lot of persimmons!
In our town 3 types of it are sold, but not that kind.
We love persimmons very much)

Yup - we have them in GLUT proportions here in Northern Thailand. Dirt cheap. I have yet to find a really yum way to use them. They're at the lower rung of the "sensation Thai fruit" ladder. That said, they're probably sensational if prepared right and served with complementary flavours. Food for thought, literally. :)

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