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Look who stopped over last night!

I've been seeing this one around for a while now, and last night it was finally on the ground, so I did what any wildman would do, and picked it up. They sure do look intimidating, but they have kind of lost their effect on me lately. I think I'm either getting immune to them, or perhaps just building up a tolerance. When's the last time you cuddled an opossum for a few selfies? Also, don't forget the acronym for selfies = "L.A.M.E." (Look At Me Everyone)


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Good LORD! Are you holding on to its tail? How else are you keeping it on your shoulder? This might be a L.A.M.E. photo, but that isn't a TAME Possum is it? (if so, why is it hissing?)
I've encountered them at night, in South Georgia USA, they would hiss, then try to run, and if none of that worked, then they would "play Possum".
Tame or not, you got my upvote Wild Man @papa-pepper

Case of fearless meaning no harm showing respect and trust in a natural way so the beast is there but curious to this feeling coming from a human ;-) , best l.a.m.e. pictures i have seen so far , lol . Quit educating to ..... stay natural P.Pepper !

Wild pictures from the Wildman... I admire you showing all animals have a place in the world and not to kill them for no reason...

That's crazy! You are definitely a wild one @papa-pepper :)

Wow, very interesting. Those teeth look sharp!

Looks like he needs so help in posing for photos, not very nice to show the teeth like that ...

I love the fierce look on his face haha. Youre a brave and experienced wildman pepper.

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