in nature •  20 days ago

I love not waiting in waiting rooms, it's so much more beautiful outside.

We got stuck in town for a bit today getting some work done on our vehicle. We decided to head out for a stroll, and we were so glad that we did. Along the banks of a nearby stream, an incredible amount of icicles we slowly dripping into the stream. While I was not able to photograph the Kingfisher that we saw there, I did get some good photos of the icicles, so much so that I've split the photos into two posts. Enjoy these for now, and we'll have some more to share later.


Until next time…


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Apparently it gets cold in Arkansas, @papa-pepper. Are you a part of that midwestern cold front now, or is that more the Great Lakes area? I imagine it's effects are being felt far and wide in some way or another.

I've always found it fascinating how some water can freeze over, while other, primarily what's moving in the stream, will be able to stay free flowing. And for the icicles to have formed in the first place means there must be runoff down the embankment toward the stream?

Pretty amazing, whatever the case. I love stumbling on things to photograph while doing something else. Maybe the Kingfisher will hang around for the next one. :)


Maybe we'll see that Kingfisher again later. Yes, the water does run off of the hillside, and then formed the icicles. I think our cold days are going to be taking a break here, but we did have a couple freezing ones for a couple days.

Fun pictures and thanks for sharing! One thing I love about this time of year is all the different ice formations that happen. A few years ago I was walking along a stream and saw little ice bells that had formed on some twigs that were hanging down over the water :)


Very cool! Nice name too!


Thanks! :)

Well that’s one good way to kill some time! We’ve seen some pretty sweet icicles around here too and they’re super fun to photograph!


Yeah they are. Did y'all get hit with that ice storm a little bit back?


I think we just caught the edge of the ice storm, but it was enough to make things slick and inconvenient for a couple days lol. We got a nice little bit of snow a couple weekends ago, though. It’s sleeting right now.

Hope all is well with you and the family! :)

Great captures!
Looks like a awesome place to explore. Mother Nature creates such beautiful works of art. Thanks for sharing & Steem on :)

Those are some amazing photos!
Who knows when icicles of that magnitude will next form.

I guess it depends on what we do about global warming.

Seems like something that you would not see much of down where you are! Cool, no pun intended, shots!