The host parish for Mid-Barataria diversion just voted against it; here's why

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“I brought this resolution forward because I didn’t think the people of Plaquemines Parish were being heard by the state and CPRA,” council Chairman Mark Cognevich said.

Interesting article about how the local Plaquemines Parish government has taken an objective stance about the Mid-Barataria diversion, and why that might be. I think I know the reason, the local council has given in to the powerful fishing interest in the area, after all money always talks. I just think that we as a people have to look at the overall good that the diversion will bring, and not cater to the special interest. Anyway, people need to make up their own minds, and this article is a good start to the isssue.

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I should say the politicians that listen to the special interest are always the problem

Special interest are always the problem, ugh

I mean the diversion is to save the wetlands people, how can we not get behind that...?