Here's what killed one of the last whales of newly discovered Gulf of Mexico species

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The 38-foot-long male that washed up on Sandy Key near the Florida Everglades in 2019 was found to have been killed by a jagged piece of plastic that became lodged in its belly

Sad article about how a Rice’s whale died from plastic that we humans can't seem to keep out of the oceans. It's amazing how such a small piece of plastic can take down such a big animal, just shows how we have to do a better job of cleaning up after ourselves. Honestly with the amount of trash that humans have out into the oceans I'm surprised that aren't more marine animals washing up dead. I hate reading thesed type of articles, I'm a nature lover and wish we didn't pollute so much. Anyway maybe the word will spread that we need to do a better job......

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Funny, I didn't even know they had whales in the Gulf, I thought they liked the colder waters.

Maybe if they would lose some weight they wouldn't mind the warmer waters, lol.