Financing deal moves along new fresh water pumps for Bayou Lafourche, thirsty downstream communities

in nature •  15 days ago 

Bayou Lafourche stretches 106 miles from the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, threading through Donaldsonville, Napoleonville, Thibodaux and Raceland.

Intersting article about a new pumping station going in around Donaldsonville. I'm glad to see this finally happening, fresh water diversions are badly needed all along the Mississippi River to provide sediment to the sinking marshes and swamps. I just wish it was going to be bigger.....

Read the full story here...

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$65 million for a pumping station seems like a lot of money.....

Me been a fan of tourist this place surely won't be a bad place as a center place for tourist.

Maybe..... we can hope..... :)

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