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Louis Daguerre probably never thought that waiting for 10 minutes for photographing the sights of Paris would be a beautifully recorded moment in history.

according to the page on Friday (5/5/2017), at that time Louis wanted to photograph the Place de la Republique area in the French capital. It takes at least 10 minutes until the picture is captured perfectly. Unexpectedly, that's when some people pass by and accidentally photographed.

the photo taken in 1839 became the first photo with humans as the object.

Since then, the trend of taking pictures with humans as its object continues to grow. Style in the photo is different in each era.

apparently technological advances, especially in photography, allegedly influenced our photographic style.

Have you ever wondered why people of antiquity did not pose, even just smile when photographed? Try looking back at your family's old photos.

stiff style with a tense face and a serious expression on old photos instead of no reason. Many opinions on this. One of them is the ability of the camera for so long in taking pictures.

imagine, in the nineteenth century, one had to hold the pose not so long until finally the picture could be perfectly captured. Like Louis who waits for 10 minutes.

moreover, the absence of timer technology so they are not sure how long the photo session can be completed.

"If you're going to take a long time to take a picture, of course you'll pick the most comfortable pose," said Todd Gustavson,

todd is technology curator at George Eastman Museum, the oldest photography museum located in New York City, USA.

So instead of smiling, they tend to take the most comfortable and flat-looking pose, even looking too serious.

this is also seen on the face of the sixth president of the United States (US), John Quincy Adams - the world's first president immortalized in the photo.

still according to the page, the first presidential photograph was taken at his home in Massachusetts in 1843, fourteen years after he fulfilled his duties as US president.

Faster and stylish

Entering the end of the 19th century, photography technology is growing. this is marked by the birth of film cameras produced by George Eastman.

Thanks to Eastman cameras that are much smaller than the previous cameras, also cheap and easy to operate, photography is becoming increasingly popular. no longer belonging only to the elite, photography has become a hobby among the middle class.
Within seconds, the film camera makes the picture perfect. Not just perfect, the captured images are also more clear thanks to a qualified lens.

one of the camera manufacturers who participated in the development of photography is Zeiss. In 1935 for example, this German company managed to create a lens that can activate the clear photo feature for the first time.

quotes page Saturday (21/3/2015), the lens uses an anti-reflection coating to dispel excessive light and disturbing reflections.

Completion of camera features finally helped change the pose of someone when photographed. style in the photo getting explored, leaving style with a taut and serious expression. The idea to say "cheese" while taking pictures was born in this era.

Page TodayIFoundOut on Tuesday (2/4/2013) proclaim, this phrase first appeared around the 1940s.

according to an article in 1943 in Texas newspaper The Big Spring Herald, it is not known exactly who the initiator and reason for cheese when taking pictures. However, this clear phrase will make our lips smile while saying it.

the mention of the "ch" consonant cluster will bring the upper and lower teeth together. Meanwhile, vowel pronunciation "ee" will involve lip motion resulting in smiling facial expressions.

Other flexible poses kept popping up in that era. film cameras are easy to operate and then become a milestone emergence of other more sophisticated technology, such as digital cameras, DSLR, also mirrorless.

However, entering the 2000s, the camera is no longer the only tool to take pictures. because, mobile phone (mobile phone) innovate by bringing the camera in it.

Taking pictures is becoming easier to do. More and more styles that can be displayed, either take pictures themselves, or rollicking. all the moments seemed to be immortalized in the shooting because the camera phone is always there in the grip.

Phone innovation for pampering lovers of photography and then presents the front camera technology. this camera allows the user to photograph the object while viewing the results on the screen so that users no longer need to reverse the camera when photographing themselves (swafoto).

Explored styles can be more varied because the devices used are also easier to operate. moreover, in the presence of timer technology or image capture with wave sensors.

The existence of two cameras in one device is finally making it easier for users when photographing an object. Just choose which camera will be used as needed.

however, in the "age", technology allows users to use both of these cameras at once. Photography lovers can capture moments on both sides simultaneously, both in front of the camera and behind the camera phone.

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