Workplace: For business appointments bring your own blanket!

in nature •  6 months ago


For busines appointments bring your own blanket. I have coffee and some cake and 3 hours of battery life. My Outdoor-Office opens in 30 minutes. That's 8 AM CET!


The day is starting good. Only the sun was a bit late, like every Monday morning... she'll never learn I guess.

Worked one hour... Time for a refreshment!



I wonder if there are frogs hanging out here...


I only saw minnows. :P


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Nice office buddy!!


Thanks! It just appeared out of nowhere this morning! I immediately went in! :D

I have coffee and some cake

I am sure that's not the only thing you brought with you!


Coffee actually meant Cola and the cake was a bun with chicken. :P
And no... I don't smoke weed at work.... Well... Forget that... But not this time! :D