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Hey @willymac, I hope you are well. My thoughts go to all of you and all the little animals who are vulnerable before this beast of nature.

I wonder what I would eat since I can't eat gluten. Gluten-free beard I guess :)

Stay safe!


Thank you for reading and for thinking of the animals, Mirella. They are the least thought of victims of floods and fires, I suppose because there is little that can be done for them...and that most people don't care anyway.

We have been fortunate and have had little wind and only a regular rain. Not enough rain to top off our pond!

Not being able to eat gluten is a problem. It will help to always have a supply on hand of the things you can eat just in case there is a natural or manmade disaster of some kind so you can make it through at least a couple of weeks. That's a chore even under normal conditions but having adequate food is a real problem when there is no electricity.

At least the animals are ahead of us if the lights go out.

Animals are definitely in touch with the environment and their instincts unlike humans.

Thanks for the food supply advice. I might start stocking up on dried fruits and canned foods....just in case. People used to do that in the old days in preparation for winter. We are very spoiled now, but these disasters make us all feel vulnerable again.

Yes, and we humans are the only animals who have lost their ability to live within Nature's framework.

Keeping an emergency supply of food on hand is more important now than ever and it would be an excellent idea to have enough to meet your needs for two weeks. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but if there is an emergency, having a reserve can save your life.

Read my post on a financial collapse for what very likely can happen. Having your own emergency food backup is very important, I think.

I'll check your post, thanks. Yes, scary times ahead especially for those living in the cities.

You may also like the story about Coco, the little dog we just adopted.

Stay in touch, Mirella. Every link with people who care about animal welfare makes us stronger.

Lucky Coco :) I look forward to reading her story.

I will stay in touch. Thank you, Willy, for sharing you heart with people and animals.

I probably do too much sharing of feelings about animals. I have lived with dogs all my life and have a very soft spot in my heart for all creatures. Less so sometimes for humans.

I totally understand. I feel the same.