Wild Goose Chase (Comedy Open Mic 26)

in nature •  5 months ago

We visited the Zoo near Chicago. As soon as I entered I was met with a flock of geese. These geese were fighting for the alpha position. They were really neck and neck biting each other. I tried to get a closer look to see what was going on and then the alpha turned on me.

We don't have many geese back in Korea but we do have the parliament members. They do look like geese fighting for alpha position. They are neck and neck fighting and sometimes even use Taekwon do.

The zoo was a wonderful place for our kids to visit and reminded us a lot of Seoul.

My son's first impression of America was that everything was bigger. He said, "The people are big, the cars are big, even the dogs are big.

It's been so cold in Chicago. It was over 100 F every day when I left Korea. It was so cold in Chicago I literally saw a penguin.

And just like any other big City, Chicago does have its creeps. My kids loved this one.

Somehow I've been busy here every day. I hope everything is well with you.

Before I go I will share one of my dad's jokes he told me yesterday:

People told me I should consider doing stand up after retirement.
Honestly my knees are so shot, I do my routine sitting down.

I nominate @fun2learn and @a-0-0 to write a funny post for @comedyopenmic.

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You just gave me a good laugh with the 2 different videos! Haha, geese and politicians!


Birds of a feather flock together.

Lol... Korean Parliament members are like savages. Pulling hairs and pushing others don't require Taekwondo skills. Fried tarantula is a Cambodian specialty XD


That sounds delicious. One day I really need to visit Cambodia.

Hello my friend! This was hilarious!! so the first video... if that goose would have came after me I probably would have thrown my phone at him and the second video... omg!! that really happens??? That's just crazy!!

I'm happy to see you are having a good time and welcome home, by the way!


Hi @monchhichi23,

You are totally right about your comment. I never expected that goose to turn on me. I was running really fast. After that the zoo police made an announcement not to aggravate the geese. Hey, they started it.

This Korean parliament is a sad thing, but still funny in a way. It still happens. They give a new meaning to the word "policy pushing."

Thanks for your welcome. I really needed it. I have seen so many friends and my head is still spinning from the time zone changes. I couldn't even look at my computer for a couple days without getting dizzy. I'm just starting to get settled down and before I know it I will be back in Korea.

Actually at this moment I am in the south. I crossed the Ohio River and I'm staying on another Bourbon Street where they have the Kentucky Derby.

howdy sir mineopoly! haha! that was cool, that goose fight was wild, and they weren't afraid of taking on you! hahaha, and the legislature fighting like that, I thought we were divisive over here! wow. great post, so glad you guys are having a good time!


Thanks my friend @janton,

That's not the most pretty picture of Korea or goose and gander life, but it is real and raw. Thanks for your greeting. Things are looking real good for us. I kind of wish we can stay longer. I'd love to spend more time with my parents. They are both still alive and healthy. They love the grand kids.


good evening sir! oh that's so wonderful to hear, how long can you stay?


Good evening sir! oh
That's so wonderful to hear,
How long can you stay?

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I'll be in the US till the 23rd. I'm in red neck ville south of the Ohio River. That about making a post just so busy. I'll have more time when vacation is over LOL


howdy sir mineopoly! yes sir well just enjoy yourself, take lots of photos so you will have tons of material for posts when you get back!

It's funny, but you would think that Canada Geese would have at least one hockey stick between them. Lucky for you, they didn't or you'd be going home missing a tooth and with some expensive stitches.


Oh I cannot afford medical insurance in the US, eh?

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You grew.... Now you are at 37... but 500 a month, good luck. Try opening a wild goose factory online exchange.

We have those geese here and they are evil. I mean, I realize they are protecting their territory but still. lol

You beat me to the Chicago zoo and I live much close to it. :)


I just drove right through Indianapolis. I noticed Purdue moved a campus there. This may be the best thing that happens to Indiana besides the governor becoming vice president. Now I'm out of Indiana looking across the Ohio River. I kind of isolated myself in a hotel away from the rest of the world for about a week.

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haha this is a perfect comparison!
except the parliament is actually so much more fucked up than a "wild goose chase"!

here's the infamous JUDO THROW!


Wow... That is smooth. Better than Mr. Bean.

Good to hear you are having a great time. I’ve never seen geese fight like that! And the parliament scene was about the same as the geese fighting. 😂. You saw some buffalo at the zoo and a cool penguin. That was a huge creepy spider. Your father is a treasure. 😊


Yes... my father is a treasure and a riot. There is only a tiny generation gap between me and him, about twenty years.

Wow!!!very amazing place. The place are looks nice


Yes... very nice. I'm enjoying my time in America. Watch the video if you have time.

nice weaving there. you give good media narrative.

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Funny story about the geese. Loved the picture of a penguin. In Chicago. :-)

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