After their midday feed - time to be an elephant.

in nature •  7 months ago

They are brought in are pre-defined times for their milk feed from bottles and its the mid-day one that visitors are able to observe.

image and more info

Then they play a bit.

In between those intervals they are sent out into the bush to be elephants.

They get to push down trees, interact with other wild animals, try their skills at eating solids etc.

The bush around them is thick and dense in places.

In other places there are wide patches of grassland with isolated trees between the dense bush.

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They are such a beautiful creature and looks good to serve them . In india in many part of southern India they are also worshiped

Wow! So much love..... I enjoyed every bit of this

So beautiful nature,very nice post,i like elephant,good job my brother,@mandela

I really cute baby elephants. They look so charming and harmless aren't they?

One of the most powerful animal

i love elephants!!

They are already taking shape. They will soon take over as elephants. Feeding them had really been good to their upgrowth. Wildlife lover

So beautiful place on elephant photography, that is really natural place,on this elephant playing that ,,, thanks for sharing with us


Resteem done

❤️❤️❤️ one of my favorite parts about steemit are amazing photos of things like this that I never think about going on in the world! What a special experience

Africa is a real show, a wonderful place a blessing

Africa is a real show, a wonderful place a blessing