Splash of Colour with Nature!

in nature •  3 months ago


Hello Steemians!

I took this picture because I intuitively thought there was something beautiful here I could entertain you all with.

I just love talking walks in my garden. As I walked below an acacia tree I planted 9 years ago, I looked up to enjoy the picturesque sight of the golden acacia branches and leaves against a background of a gorgeous calm blue sky.

I crouched so I could gain a vantage view with my eyes sweeping across the sky. Thats when I discovered that the other trees and shrubs close to the towering acacia made an incredible combination of colours and textures.

I had never seen this from this new perspective. It looked like a finished painting straight from the master's canvas!

In my mind I thought why not share this with the wonderful community of Steemians. So I took a few pics and this one here was my best pick. Hopefully this will inspire my next painting.

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Beautiful!! Fall colors are the best

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