In the forest and a little lake.

in nature •  20 days ago

Nature in the city.

The capitol of Norway offers many beautiful natural areas, after fifteen minutes walk from the streets you find these lake in the forest.

The path to the lake.


The lake Isdammen, a great place for outdoor activities.




Pretty dens forest on the path to the lake.






A little walk in the city Oslo.
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beautiful city, I really like how it looks when the snow covers everything


Thanks @peque for comment. yes winter days can be nice if the weather is good :)

Great shots. Nothing says winter fun like an outdoor rink


Thanks steven for comment, you are right outdoor activities wintertime is great both skating and skiing :)

Hope one day will see this frozen beauty, too!!! Amazing shots!!! :)


Thanks lil for commenting. We can change for a while you got some frozen days, I want some sunny and warm days :)

awesome nature @karja


Awesome nature art @karja! I hope one day I'll have the opportunity to visit Oslo. Have a nice evening! :)


Thanks so much @elihs for pleasant comment. very welcome to the north sometime. Have a peaceful evening and a happy new year :) :)

Wonderful place. Thank you for the beautiful photos and landscapes.
Happy new year to you.


Thanks @singa for nice commenting :)

This is very cool place to enjoy the nature in winter plus it has a skating ring, which is very cool.


Thanks @joalvarez for commenting, yes its a nice place for kids :)

Beautiful! The outdoor ice skating looks like a lot of fun.😊


Thanks @white.tiger for commenting. Fresh ice without snow is a great playground for kids :)

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