View from a working place.

in nature •  2 months ago

While waiting for the helicopter.

A nice day at work with beautiful weather. This day we brought materials and equipment up the mountain side where we work. The helicopter was delayed, so what am I doing? Of cause I use my camera. Some random pictures from around the landing place for the helicopter.









Helicopter coming, no I have to work.



The site for work, the pipeline up in the mountain.

What I am doing in the north of Norway.
Thank you for passing by


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Really my friend karja..i love your nature photography 📷


Thanks moni 🙂


Gracias Francis 🙂

Wow .Beautiful natural place! I love nature very much.......Thanks my dear @karja for this beautiful gift.


Thanks for nice words :)

Those are indeed very nice views indeed stunning :)

The water is so clear , liked the landscapes


Thanks for nice commenting :)

I think I would love to live there! ♥♥♥
Thank for sharing. ♥☺


Thank you maria for comment :)

Praktfulle fjellandskap, og vannet er som et speil.
Den reneste og gjennomsiktig.
Veldig vakre bilder, @Karja


Tusen takk senga for fine ord :)

It's great you get to be in this beautiful place and take pictures all while being at work. :) Very nice @karja


Hello @oldmans, thanks so much for nice comment


You are very welcome @karja