View from a working place.

in nature •  3 months ago

Gisund Bridge.

Gisundet bridge is 1147 m long and construction was finish 1972. The bridge crosses the Gisundet from the small town Finsnes on the mainland to the island Senja, the second biggest island in Norway.






Behind in the picture the ship Hurtigruta docking in the harbor of Finsnes.

Thank you for passing by.
Best regards from the north


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nature is very beautiful my brother,i like it, really great photography @karja


Thanks friend for nice comments :)

nice place to work with this view!))


Yes, but in bad weather with wind and rain its not so nice. Thanks Alisa for commenting :)

What a lovely view!!! ♥


Thank you Maria for commenting :)

Wow...very beautiful place. And.... Awesome photography, really, I love your dear friend karja


Thanks moni 🙂


( ͡ _ ͡°)ノ⚲ ♫welcome dear friend

Gisundet bridge is 1147 m long

For me, the height has become the most important metric when looking at bridges :-) Free sailing height is 41 metres.

Tromsøbrua was the biggest bridge of this kind in the Northern Europe when it was opened for traffic in 1960. It's 1016 metres long and has 38 metres free sailing height.


Thanks for comment and information :I

Impresionante las imagenes del Puente @karja y lo mejor de todo es donde se encuentra ubicado con el Rio pasando por debajo del mismo


Muchas gracias Francis por comentar. Cuando hace buen tiempo, me gusta trabaja afuera :)

Wow!!! Great pictures of a wonderful landscape! My favorite is the first one. Love the leading lines the bridge provides.


Hello Bjørn thanks for good comment :)

I really like the view from your working place.
Must be really nice to get to enjoy the nature and this great view from your work.
Have a great day @karja


Thanks Joanna for comments, yes sometime its very nice to work outside :)