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Hello Steemers!
Very happy I found out about this amazing Community.
I'm very interested in investing in Steem as I see alot of potential in this Crypto Coin.
Here to keep constantly learning.
Jeff Berwick aka The Dollar Vigilante is a constant guide into this ever evolving crypto space.
Please have a look and Suscribe to the dollar vigilante for great eye opening contents.
I'm currently in the Philippines building my life outside of the system and trying to get more involved with, dash, monero, energi to name a few.
Happy to get to know many creative minds in here. I look forward to this amazing experience. Best wishes Joshua the Footballer..

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You're definitely in the right place! This is crypto-land, for sure!
Those pics are amazing! And your wee one is the cutest!
If you are familiar with DISCORD come join us there! 😍
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