I have been waiting for so long to finally get out for some Trail/Park #WednesdayWalk 's in NATURE.

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Happy Wednesday everyone and happy #WednesdayWalk created by the incredible @tattoodjay. We have been having an amazing sunny weather for the last two weeks and it looks like it is staying for a while.

20200315_171355 (1).jpg

This is one of our awesome first walks this Spring in this gorgeous park. I love this park since it has so many different trails you can take. You can enjoy the sun trails, forest/shady trails, you can have picnic or even fish in the pond. This park has everything and it is a walking distance from where my mother-in-law lives, which is good because it is very hard to find parking space here in this park.

20200315_171421 (1).jpg

We have not been in this park for a few weeks now since there are too many people in the parks and so we usually go for walks just around empty trails or around the neighborhood.

20200315_171221 (1).jpg

20200315_170808 (1).jpg

20200315_170817 (2).jpg

20200315_171030 (1).jpg

20200315_171252 (1).jpg

The bark of the trees are covered with all kinds of green things etc.

20200315_171052 (2).jpg

My husband always making me laugh and he decided to take a picture of it too. Lol

20200315_171429 (1).jpg

20200315_171558 (1).jpg

20200315_171629 (1).jpg


20200315_170948 (1).jpg

Hope you enjoyed our #WednesdayWalk in the park, which was still a little bit cool, but now that it is so beautiful and warm and even hot sometimes, I don't miss a day of walking in nature, which I can't live without. Hope you can also get out there and enjoy some sun and be surrounded by nature as much as you can, because I strongly believe nature is our true healer and our peace.
Love @joalvarez.

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Image created by my beautiful friend @sunnylife.


Beautiful photos :)

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nice quiet walk with nobody around, nice pics hope you get out for more

Thank you @doitvoluntarily. I try to get out every day, but not so much in this park since it does get pretty busy here, especially in this park.