Dangerous Beauty

in #nature3 years ago

"She's a dangerous woman, believe me!" I've had a great deal in my life - and it does not ... Windy for the day, you are right now. They laugh, they push in you and they stare at you. They are not jealous, they do not bother you. The fingers of their hands - , short, daring women, have no restraint, and nice with them, calm!

Others have some authority. They always want you to possess, possess. They look at you as a piece of stuff bought from a store. They want to crush you like a plasticine and whatever they say - you're marching. It's scary with them when you have to leave them. Bad, evil, they can not forgive that someone eludes them.

And there are women, such submissive as lambs! They listen to you in joy and enjoy you. They are not very smart, but with them you feel like a man. You want to take care of them, protect them, love them! And they are grateful and they raise you to a pedestal! I love such women, the best for me! Ideal lover!
For them you are a god and you are good to the soul, you shine!

But "H." is a dangerous woman, very dangerous, dedicated. For you the world will turn, the family will dump. For her you are nothing but you!

She has not experienced love, has not seen true love, love. For her your attention is a gift, and she kamikaze, everything will sacrifice!

You know, I have a very beautiful woman, and my children smart, gentle ... Everything in my family goes with honey and butter and I'm happy with it!

But "H. .." can break this world of thousands of glass pieces! So, that day, I say, "Dear, please do so! Just know, it was a passion and nothing more.

You are a beautiful, smart, glamorous woman! The men are sighing at you, they adore you! As you pass by them, their breath stops, and in their eyes they read lust, desire! "

I will not be saved, you know! I will burn with this woman. I just can not forgive myself, how? I know stuff, but ... destiny! I think you know, you've seen, tried on ...


معك كل الحق قي كلامك هاذا

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