Reel Action Pt 21: The Season is Over!

in #nature7 years ago

Well ladies and gents' with the storm coming in next week that just about wraps up my striped bass fishing season. We had an amazing season and I couldn't have asked for better fishing partners. We tried all differen't tides, baits & lures. We laughed, we cried (litterly one dude cried), we had a good time! Sadly now it is time to winterize the boat, get her in pristine condition and then pack her away in the garage. I may sneak a few more fishing trips in but i'll go in the canoe.

I thought the best way to sum up the entire fishing season would be a post dedicated to some of the best fish/memories from this season!




FullSizeRender (2).jpg







wow nice fish photography.i like your post and upvoted.

Now I want an A.D.I.D.A.F. shirt (All Day I Dream About Fishing).

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Beautiful fish, man :)

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