Touch the nature. Do you feel it?

in nature •  last year

I am a nature lover because, quite simply, I love nature! I mean, I love green...

I simply find happiness and peace of mind while observing nature. I enjoy getting lost in its beauty and forgetting about the busyness of today’s world. Simplification is often the key to contentment.

Fresh morning in the forest. Good morning fresh air!


Weekend with canoe. When you have a whole river to yourself...


Never stop exploring!


Best seat in the forest...


Let's touch the nature and feel how powerful it is...!
If you’re a nature lover too, then I just might be your friend :D

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It looks fantastic, what a nice collection, you can feel a nature power right from the first pictures! ;)

Awesome, reminds me of my own canoe trip back in the days although I'm doing the bike now! Gonna keep a closer eye on your upcoming posts! Keep it up! :)

This all looks really nice. I'm not sure if it's just the photos or if it looks this good (or better) in real life, but I enjoyed this :)

Great pictures keep sharing such a wonderful nature pictuers.

I really love the picture with the canoe. I'm also a nature lover. When I have alot on my mind its nice to go out and walk in nature if I can.

@iveta I also love to travel with tent. There are no boundaries, you can stay where you want and do whatever you want :) hotels always reduce creativity of the journey.
If you will ahve a minute, please check my post about Warsaw. I am creating stories about interesting places in capital of Poland.
All the best!

Love your adventures!

Sekmes :)

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and so i am, i love nature and love who loved nature, lol, nice to read your post and i followed you please follow back, visit My Blog to read my latest post, thanks @iveta

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