Autumn is goins away: first show is here, and I feel close to my fishes. Evening thoughts writing

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Hi, guys!:)

Today my day just... Blinked. Blinked and gone, cause it was too dark, too rainy t even get out of bed somehow. When we woke up in the morning we were sure that it's rain, rain and dark sky, but when I looked through the window I was surprised: the first snow was there!

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Usually when winter is coming, when it's close, for first few days I feel like a bear. Meaning - I begin preparing and making my "winter sleep":) These are really nice feelings - feeling warm and cozy in your bed while it rains and snows outside. It was dark before the clocks showed 5 p.m.

But anyway, we got out. For  while. To renew something in our fish tank, and today we have a new inhabitant, meet Gandalf fish:) I hope they will get along with our Radagast fish really well, they both are catfishes, but of different spices.

I could take a photo only of his belly, you know, it's the kind of catfish that cleans the tank's walls. Since we had no such catfishes for long time this new one has a lot of work there.

Our other danio fishes are still too small to take normal photo, and they escape from the frame too fast as well. I tried multiple times, but it's the only result I managed to receive.

I still hope to have a few less or more warm days for walking with my dog. She also hopes on that:) And I wish you all a wonderful evening!

I wish you all the best and will be happy if you'll support me with vote:)

Love, Inber

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One week ago admired the Autumn beauty ( I do not complain :D ) because I can still enjoy it on Steemit :)) Thank you for sharing your unconventional beauty :)) Up

Always want a fish tank of tropical fish, I've hear its a lot of work to set up though and you need to know your stuff. Its on the back burner for now.

I'm a newbie in it, we have our tank only since August. Experienced some difficulties, but in general it goes OK:)

I see how you fair then maybe invest myself :)

Lol:) My husband helps me to fix everything, we have only three electronic devices: heater, filter and the one that delivers air. Tank needs claning and water replacement every week, but for me it's like relaxation. Sometimes when I'm really tired in the evening I just watch my tank as TV for hour, may be. It's a great relief:)

I love watching fish tanks. I might get one I can't have pets in my new gaff and really miss my cat so maybe fish is the next best thing :)

Awesome! Resteemed :)

just out of curiosity, does a resteem count as a "post" on your own blog? Do you receive any "rewards" when you resteem based on how many votes it gets after you resteem it? Just curious, still trying to figure out how all this works! Thanks

I think no, but I'm not sure. It's just a possibility for more users to see it:)

Thank you:)

Dark and rainy here too, dear @inber .
Nice to meet Gandalf, he has a nice belly ^_^

Winter is coming, we already have Christmas decoration in shops:)


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My sister used to have a whole horde of these janitor catfish, I was a really big fan of them. But one night the oxygen pump failed and they were all floating with the most horrible faces. I was left traumatized and have never dabbled in pet fishies since.
Moral of the story: Don't skimp on the one thing that keeps your subjects alive.

You are a great artist!!! Nice fishies too!

Beautiful! And your catfish has personality; lol!

If I have only one fish of particular spice it must have a name lol:)