Golden Sea Beach - Attract me a lot - Original Content by @impressions (part - 444)

in nature •  27 days ago 

We human really do not understand the mood of nature. Some time it is dark, some time it is light, sometime it is red, sometime it is blue and sometime it is golden. Nature flows in its own way.


This sea beach looks like golden now. So in my opinion it is called Golden Beach now. The sun light reflects from the beach sand and makes the beautiful color. The dark cloud comes and cover the sun but little sunlight comes thru out the black sky and it looks like light of god. Light of heaven. And the boat increases the beauty of this golden beach like an ornaments. And the colorful cloth shades says that they are also take part to increase the beauty of the beautiful golden beach.


Place of taken of this photos: Udaipur Sea Beach, Orisha, India.
Device: Mobile device
Taken by @impressions


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