The 8th wonder of the world?

in nature •  20 days ago

The largest artificial construction on this planet :

  • Is located in a corner of Brazil
  • Is the size of Great Britain
  • Is over 4000 years old
  • Is equivalent to 4000 Great Pyramids in volume
  • Was constructed whilst entirely blind
  • Was made by termites

Like The Great Wall of China, or the 33 square miles of tunnels under the city of Beijing, these excavations were apparently created for defence purposes.

However, these 200 million hillocks and the tunnels between them stretch over 88,000 square miles, all made by little creatures the size of a grain of rice.

They built them, like some kind of biological von Neumann replicator, and then after a time they vanished.

This is all that remains. It was under our noses all this time before we finally noticed.

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Here in philippines many place like that

Sooo beautifull photo