Poppies In Fort Bragg California

in #nature4 years ago

Down by the ocean are an abundance of beautiful blossoming poppies!

After these continuous flooded days of never ending rain all the plants are flourishing, vibrant and loving it!

I on the other hand need a little sunshine!





Amazing...I am in love with the flowers

That orange so strong the one of the poppies, the nature does not stop surprising us. It is undoubtedly the greatest proof that calm comes after the storm.

The color of poppies 💮💮💮 from your shot is beautifully lively and creates a nice contrast with the color of the sky and the surrounding greenery. This is a very nice photo, congratulations @haileyscomet! 👏 💛💙💚

Nature is beautiful indeed!
I love this... Ride on!

your post is very good.
you do not know me yet. I am a newcomer to steemit. but I know a lot about you.
you are a great person.
i need support from you. thank you

nice click of beautiful flower

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