Aurora Borealis. Nature's Phenomenal Light Show

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The Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomena that occurs in the northern hemisphere of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. In Canada we call these the "Northern Lights."


Auroras are produced when the magnetosphere around earth is sufficiently disturbed by solar winds. The trajectories of charged particles in both the solar winds and magnetospheric plasma excite and charge protons and electrons in the atmosphere. The result of this is stunning light shows in the night sky.


The best time to view the Northern lights is April to August. Canada is the preferred place to view them but countries such as Norway, Greenland, Scandinavia, Iceland and Alaska also get treated to their displays.


Where I'm located, on the East Coast of Canada, I'm not lucky enough to see the Northern Lights but it's definately on my bucket list to head up North one day and take in this spectacle.


Every year NASA snaps pics of the lights dancing on top of the Earth's surface and the astronauts on the ISS get treated to the best seat in the house to watch the display.

Credit: NASA

As if you needed further proof that nature is just spectacular and science is a beautiful thing.. I'll leave you with one more shot here today


Thanks so much for checking out my blog!


Upgoat footer by @ryivhnn

Picture credits: Pixabay

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The Northern Lights are phenomenal. Breath taking and worth the trip north to see them! An experience of a life time!


Yes one day I will venture up and see them! Thx Ceci for stopping by 👍😎

That is one thing I always wanted to see, well maybe one day I will a dream for most photographers


Yeah the shots I've seen are just fantastic! These were just ones i could use for free from pixabay. I want to experience them in person tho 😎


I have friends both real and online who have seen them and they almost glow when sharing their experiences


Lets all go!!! Steemit funded of course ;)


Would be great for sure
Good thing dreams are free

beauty.. wish I saw it in person


Well let's go together. U bring the beer I'll bring the pot 😁

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Great post! I love the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights


Thx GTG for stopping by. Have a fantastic day my Canadian brethren 😊

I love this, northern lights is a true nature art that I would love to se someday 😊
It's breathtaking and taking pictures of it must be a dream.... It's mine for sure... Lol
Thank you for sharing this. Made my day!
Ohh I love the 3 cute goats in the end 👅

Wow so pretty. I've always wanted to go. One day we will!! Its on my bucket list.


Let me know, I'll meet u and we can do an up North Steemit meetup 😛


I'm so down for that!!! Stay for a week, blog about it.. all expenses paid by Steemit? :D

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awesome post!!