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RE: Bringing the green back

in #naturelast year

Hey, @mazzle.

So, I take it the order just happened? I mean, there wasn't time to cancel it, or at least reduce the number of trees? You'll be like the Johnny Appleseed of Australia after all those trees get planted. :)

Good luck. Sounds like a pretty big job. They need to be cared for in the meantime right? Or are they pretty hardy and don't need much attention?


A previous employee at the site ordered the plants. There wasn't any point cancelling the order given that the nursery had spent the last 6 months growing the plants for us from seed that was sent to them from said employee.

I managed to find places for at least 70% of the plants. The remainder will probably end up at the tip which is a little sad. But at a cost of around $250 per hour to put the plants in the ground there's no point spending even more time trying to find homes for them.

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