TOP most deadly plants on the planet

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hey very good to all these are the most poisonous plants that exist, people usually think that the most powerful poisons are those of animals or those produced by humans but in this area the plants also have some very powerful

ADELFA: this plant is very beautiful but also very dangerous, it is usually used to decorate parks and even houses but its poison is so powerful that it can stop the heart in a few minutes. It comes from Asia but it has been watered in America and can be found in the United States, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. GIMPI GIMPI: this plant is a stinging, it means that if you polish the plant you will be nailed thousands of tiny stings that cause great pain and what makes it stand out is that in your case the pain can last even years, is in Australia and It is known as the sting of suicide as some people have committed suicide due to the continuous torment of pain caused by the plant EYES OF CANGREJO: it is the most poisonous there is and sometimes used as jewelry. 0.1 milligrams of it is enough to kill a person that with a seed can kill about ten thousand people, is in North America, has a very hard shell so it is possible for animals to eat and expel without poisoning but the same it's dangerous do not forget to leave your vote if you liked it and comment that you thought, greetings ~

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