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Most crabs are very similar, but there are some that are out of series, and we saw in publications such as the main characteristics of the large spider crab and the bulky coconut crab with really strong claws capable of breaking a coconut, today is the turn of an unusual crab called yeti crab is known to be very hairy and for not having eyes. Come with me to learn some things about this incredible animal.


Its name is in honor of the mythical snowman, although it is not as great as the myth about the yeti tells this little friend lives in the deep sea, its discovery dates back a few years ago in 2006 when more than 3000 meters deep near Easter Island was seen by an expedition of MBARI a Mexican submarine that is dedicated to the study of species of marine abysses.


Although yeti crab is not its scientific name and bears little relation to the name of its discoverers who baptized it with the name of Kiwa hirsuta which comes from the mythology of Polynesia which means god of the sea. The main reason why they began to call it yeti crab is because of the similarity that has the crab with the yeti its hairy appearance consecrated a name somewhat more appropriate.


We do not have much data of the yeti crab due to the place where habitat and its difficult permanence in it as to study it in a more detailed way, but at the moment it can be said that it lives in basaltic zones that are surrounded by hydrothermals, its diet is based as much in plants as in animals, at this depth the sun's rays don't reach so probably in its evolution it doesn't develop its eyes since it lacks these, however it can move and swim with total normality, it is precisely the villi of its body that allow it to detect movements, waves and distances and in this way it can move with normality.


His tweezers can measure up to 15 centimeters including the hair which gives a larger size to other close relatives.

Another of the characteristics of this wonderful animal is its relationship with bacteria, its coat is full of bacteria that interact with the crab generating a unique symbiosis between both individuals. The most accurate theory about why the relationship between bacteria and crab occurs is because these long periods in hydrothermal zones so that in his body are trapped toxic substances that if it were not for the bacteria that literally devour any substance that comes out of the hot water especially minerals and chemicals of various nomenclatures the yeti crab would endanger his life.


It is also believed that the yeti crab could feed on bacteria, it is necessary to remember that the depth in which the crab lives is not so easy to find food, so it is not so far-fetched the idea that it feeds on its own body, we will have to wait to see that they throw new studies on this incredible creature of the ocean.


There has been an interest for some years in exploring the bottoms of the largest oceans in the world, because we know more about space than our own environment, perhaps many of the answers to the origin of life on earth are not on the moon or Mars or other planets if not on our own planet.


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The furry and beautiful one.
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