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We are crazy to tie with these publications on the most beautiful birds on the planet, birds have been since ancient times taken as a reference by many cultures that have become true symbologies related to freedom, strength, wisdom. And as not to take them into account if they are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet, their ability to fly has captivated humans enough to develop airplanes. Today is the turn of Gould's Diamond Bird. Come with me to know the main characteristics of this exotic bird.


Its scientific name is The Poephila Gouldiae and they are native of the great Australian continent, it is a bird of small size with dimensions that do not surpass the 13 centimeters and with a maximum weight of 20 grams, it can be small, but it is very showy thanks to its beautiful plumage, they develop in the tropical climate, and their feathers vary, in the head we can show three changes in the species that exist, the black head, red head, orange head. While the rest of his body is mauve, his yellow belly and neck is an exquisite turquoise color with a back that contrasts with a spectacular green color.


Between males and females there is a clear sexual dimorphism due to the colors of the female are softer and less striking than the male, and do not have the characteristic turquoise line, their behavior is generally nice and good humor, are very social, unlike other birds that are aggressive between themselves and very territorial, are monogamous so it is common to see them with their partner and some times in group, their ideal place are areas near swamps or rivers, where there is abundant vegetation where you can find all the food necessary for development.


Being a tropical bird is very rare to adapt in temperate climates preferring heat, but are sensitive to cold which is not a bird that can be marketed easily because if not in its ideal climate can die, normally are 12 to 14 hours a day getting food, are large consumers of seeds and fruits, sometimes can consume some smaller invertebrates.


As for their reproduction the first thing we can notice is that they reach sexual maturity at 10 months of age, their nests are usually built in dark places such as tree cavities, in captivity their situation is critical because no way has been found to reproduce them. In natural state the mating season is just at the end of winter, although they can nest until August which indicates that they can breed several times in a year, so that the offspring are strong. The incubation, for which both parents are responsible, takes place during two weeks, the hatching of the eggs takes between 14 and 17 days. Females lay one egg a day, from a total of five to eight eggs.


Being a fragile bird to be raised in another place that is not its natural habitat, it is hunted to be sold in the clandestine pet market. I do not understand the purpose of having a bird from another continent that cannot reproduce in distant lands and where the climate is harmful, the birds end up dying and then buy another, satisfying the demand which implies a decline in the population of this beautiful bird.


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