Horses and flowers

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Sometimes a short post in justified. I was out running yesterday. A more elaborate account will follow, but as is often the case when I run I also had some non-running related experiences.
First of I saw (for the first time ever I think) Flowering Sorrels. in danish they are called skovsyre which roughly tranlates to forest-acid. A very fitting name indeed considering their taste.
I didnt know they had flowers at all until recently when @ocrdu posted some pictures in the post you can check out here
as seems to be the case with a large part of the flora in the Netherlands, we have the same things up here , just a couple of weeks later, and so it happened that I actually saw flowering Sorrels.

As you can see they might be mistaken for anemones at a glance, which is probably the reason I have never noticed them before. Up close they are quite different though.
Another Dutch related sighting was this:

One of the most impressive and beatiful horses I have ever seen. It is a Friesian, originally from the province Frisia in the Netherlands. I had to ask the woman riding it what kind of horse it was. It was much more impressive up close but unfortunately The pictures I thought I took of it didnt come out well so you will have to make do with this

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Thanks for stopping while running.

The Friesian (we say "Fries paard" or "Fries", Frisians say "Frysk hynder") is my favourite horse. I remember riding one when I was about seven years old, no saddle, no reins, and me almost in a split on its broad back. They are not only beautiful, but also very kind, intelligent and patient.

thats also what the lady said. They are supposed to be very calm and gentle. I am not overly fond of horses in general. I find them intimidating, because they are hard to read and prone to being spooked. This one however was indeed both calm and gentle.

That is indeed an impressive horse, how tall do you think the rider was with those boots? Seems like the horse could almost be 2 meters.

I think it was app 2 metres tall when the head was raised. I am a little under 1.8 m and could barely see over its shoulder.

Wow, that's huge! By coincidence I did a post last week with a few horses. The riders said this type horse was bred to be gentle because they were so large and powerful.

Looks awesome!!