Lichen Macro Photo Series

in nature •  2 months ago

I've been waiting for the moment when can take a photo series about these interesting lichens and here it is. Today I can show you my collection.


I'm not really familiar with lichen types, so I ran a search to find out what type these are. I'm not sure if I'm right but it looks like this is Xanthoria.


These lichens are on the wine stems.


You can find them on rusty wire fences as well.


The funny thing is that you need a magnifying glass or use the zoom function to see these little parts because they are too small to be admired with naked eye.


On the first photo you can see a part of the lichens are silver gray. I don't know what's happened, I guess those are dead already.


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Thank you for supporting us!

I've got some as well

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Lovely and I see these are growing on stones. Thank you for the photo 🙂

interesting and great. Nature often makes the finest works of art. Great post and nice photos, thanks for sharing.😊👍


Well said dear Heidimarie, nature is the best artist :) Thank you for stopping by and sorry for the late reply, have a nice day.

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