Would You Pet a Possum?

in nature •  last year


He looks a little timid, but not too frightening.



He seems a little more aggressive as I slowly come closer.



Would you pet this possum now?



How about now?

As it turns out, this little fella was only trying to cross the highway and escape to the open field to the north. @eliwasson and I decided to help him/her out and carry it safely across the road. Judging by its severed leg, it has had some bad luck in the past.


There, there, little fella. We will help you out.


So again I ask, would you pet a possum?


I did, and I didn't get my hand mauled!

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There is a possum that lives in my barn. He comes out at night to eat from my compost pile. My dog loves to chase him away & throw him around if he can, probably because he is pissed he’s not allowed to eat from the compost pile.

Like all wild animals they will defend themselves if they have to, but from my experience they just hiss to warn you. Not gonna pick him up though 😂

Suits you perfectly by the way :)

Do not have any idea of about me but as it seems You are perfect for it to take it as a pet

They have a fierce looking mouth and claws. The big ones scare you just by their looks. I pass with the petting. Stick to kitty cats.


I couldn't pass up the chance to touch a wild animal, but yes, I prefer cats.

ah :)

Very dangerous looking sir

Amazing picture