Improving the Future Building Site for my Tiny Home Bed and Breakfast

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It's just a matter of time and my dream will become reality.

On this site will sit a small cottage, or cabin, roughly 650 square feet in size. The structure will be 14 feet wide and will rest partially on the huge concrete bridge pillars left behind from the railroad that used to run through the property many years ago. The main living room will be suspended out over the concrete and offer stunning views of the Iowa countryside from high off the ground.


In this photo, I have been clearing the ground where the cottage will be built. I intend to leave as many trees as I possibly can to offer protection from the cold winter wind and the hot summer sun.


The building site is high above the road that passes by. Right now I have a camper parked on the location where I intend to build, which you can see through the sparse winter coverage.


The view, particularly in winter, will be beautiful. Guests can be indoors, cozy beside the fire as they look out across the Iowa winter landscape. Deer, pheasants, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, coyotes, various woodland birds, and possibly even an elusive wildcat can potentially be seen from the location.


I have drawn many different floor plan options. Each plan varies to some degree, but one thing they share in common is a loft above the main level, and a heated, attached garage for guests to securely park their vehicle during their stay. Another amenity is a fully functional kitchen and a Jacuzzi tub. Some drawings show the tub being outdoors on the porch, while others depict the tub indoors with incredible views of the landscape through large windows high above the ground.


This is a drafting of the structure securely built on the old railroad bridge, with additional concrete foundation beneath. Again, the plans vary as to where the porches are located, the style of roof, and so on.

This cottage will be available for weekend rentals, or for special events, for roughly $200 per night. This price would include breakfast served each morning and full use of the 8 wooded acres of woodland and hiking trails. As mentioned previously, there will be a full kitchen and bathroom, hot tub, a loft above for sleeping, a private bedroom, a large living room with sleeper sofa and fireplace, and a garage. The grounds will offer a fire pit and patio area, koi pond, and beautiful landscaping around the cottage that will bring deep peace to anyone who visits.

For promotional purposes, I intend to host seasonal open houses, with the cottage fully decorated in taste of the seasons. The public will have the opportunity to tour the home and enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks. The Christmas open house will likely be the most impressive, with a fully lit and decorated tree, Christmas music, hot cider, good wine , and great food.


It is going to take some time, but this dream of mine will likely come true, if God is willing. I will of course post progress pictures as the construction takes place, and encourage members of the Steemit community to visit southeast Iowa and be a guest at my cottage.

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Very impressive with nothing I can think of to add. A place where people can relax in style.

This sounds totally awesome, I wish you all the success with this dream!


Thank you so much!

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Nice pic

Oh really great travel, outstanding post
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