Mud nests : Marvelous talent of birds

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The wonderful things are seen in nature, but sometimes very small things make us wonder, and we are forced to think about these amazing creations of nature. Today I got to see something like this, which seems to be a normal thing to look at, but after seeing it, we feel that on this earth we have more creative creatures than humans.
The bird's nest is a very common thing but some nests make us wonder. In fact, we (me and @xyzashu) were really surprised to see such a unique colony of mud nests made by birds.


I have no idea which birds make these type of nests so I took help of google and found that members of the swallow family build mud nests.

Some birds are skilled builders, with the ability to construct their nest using mud as a primary resource. While some will build their nest entirely out of mud, others will mix in other materials, with the mud drying and reinforcing the entire structure. Among the most common birds that employ mud to make a nest are several members of the swallow family.

The nests we saw is of Cliff Swallow

The mud nest of the cliff swallow looks like an upside-down igloo, with the entrance near the top for the bird to gain access. The cliff swallow creates this “covered bowl” The location of the nest is typically on a vertical wall, with some sort of overhang protecting the bird’s home. The cliff swallow then lines its mud nest with grasses. Cliff swallows build large colonies, with their nests all in close proximity to one another.


Streak-throated (Indian Cliff) Swallow - Adult collecting nesting material
Image source

  • Have you ever noticed this bird and its nest in your area?

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Wow wonderful thing you have captured sir 😊 very touching . Thanks for sharing

Really birds very intellegent,they can make nest by leaves & sticks.Are there any other type of nest? @chetanpadliya

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I have never seen something like this @chetanpadliya, but it's fascinating to learn that birds have the capability to do this. Oh, the wonders creations can do. 💕

What a beautiful bird, and those nests are facinating. Birds never cease to amaze me in the home building skills. We saw a swallow nest a few months ago which was built up under the eves of a house which was rectangular in shape. The sides were perfectly straight and a perfect rectangle. Really sturdy, holding 4 babies until mature to fly away. Then a new family came with new eggs and babies. Facinating! Great shots, thanks for sharing :)

I follow you, I hope for your reciprocity

Very nice! FYI, the birders are congregating around a #birding tag now.

I had never seen any clay nest before. I'm glad that you googled out the bird's picture. We should go back to this village in the autumn when the birds construct their new nests for winters. It would be good to see he birds in action.


Sure we will try to go to see birds in action.

I didn't know birds make nests out of mud talkless of seeing one. The mud nests look great. I wish, I have the opportunity to see it one day

Every animal on Earth has brain and makes their home to survive.But these are very beautiful that they made their society.