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RE: Birds and the Musa paradísiaca

in #nature2 years ago

Are these photos from the cafetal? We are trying to grow more too. Love the birds coming around to have a feast. There is plenty for them and us too! It is funny what excites homesteaders. Yesterday we were thrilled to find a nest of baby squirrels in our Sabo tree. We have heard little raccoons too but haven't found them yet.


Ah! We love animal nests! Squirrels are the nemises of most farmers but we love to see them jumping around, we also have some other mammals, never seen a racoon this far south though....

We have been surprised on several occasions when we have spotted them. When you don't want them to get the garden you sprinkle hot pepper powder around them. Animals don't care for piquant!

Yes, we have planted the coffee plants with others such as, banana, plantain and fruit and timber trees. I think birds like it a lot. :)

Oh cool that is awesome! Love this post :) That woodpecker is gorgeous. I love woodpeckers. The pileated woodpecker we have here in Oregon is a beautiful showy bird as well.

Thank you very much for your support @carlgnash. ;)
I love birds, i love woodpecker too. It's a very interesting bird family. :)