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I wanted to tell you all about something I see always when I go to the beach and I know all of you saw once in your life aswell. Sea Foam , sea foam is a piece of nature that looks harmless but for sure isnt. Last month a sudden and tragic event involving an extreme case of sea foam shocked the Dutch surf community and claimed the lives of five surfers. And hit us hard because most of us also have a relation to one of the 5 boys who died. In response to this event, experts at Surfrider Europe had a closer look at sea foam also known as “spume”. That was the possible reason for the tragic accident. What are the health risks today? and does that Cappucino Coast as most call it when its vivisble on the sea and the beach need to be monitored as a hazard for beach guests.


Although the event in the Netherlands caught the surf community by surprise, heavy foam occurrences like this are not a new phenomenon. In many parts of the globe including coastal stretches of the U.S., Scotland, and Eastern Australia, sea foam or ‘spume’ has been documented completely covering city streets in some bizarre videos online after heavy storms, an event characterized by the term “Cappuccino Coast.” Instances of foam have also been found around lakes and rivers.

We all seen it before and it’s a thing we all think of like it’s nature and it belongs to the beach but it’s so dangerous it’s so heavenly powerfull and suffecating that you need to be on your best guarded self to survive when you are out on see and being caught by surprise.

You can drown and be killed having fun in the spume. I never knew. Life is full of hazardes surprises

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Date : 11 July 2020


Interesting. I live in Hawaii and ocean surfing is very big here, but I haven’t heard of this before. So thanks for the information.

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