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RE: Birds and the Musa paradísiaca

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I never knew that birds too enjoy plantains and bananas, oh well, it seems like its not just humans that know and enjoy these good stuff! Lol. I love Bananas and plantains as well, I prefer my plantains fried though, it tastes much better that way (or maybe I haven't tried much of the cooked variety).

I think I have come across some bananas that still look green even after they are ripe, maybe you haven't come across that variety yet?

I am really interested in knowing that dish you make with the leaves, I have never heard of it. How does it taste like?


Hi, yes the plantains and bananas are delicious. I love the plantains fried a lot, (tajadas fritas).
I observed that when they cut very green bananas they can look green outside and be ready inside. But I believe that the taste is not the same, that when the necessary time is left. Here on the farm the birds tell us why we listen to them as if they were partying.

Of course, yes, I'm going to tell you the traditional recipes with the plantain leaf. :)

Ohh! That must be the green ones I saw and thought they were different varieties. The taste was different but it wasn't bad at all... The birds definitely are useful, keeping little animals in the farm does help...

I look forward to you sharing that recipe, I hope its soon....

Birds help us with insect control, we also have fun with their company.

Very soon I will share the ancestral recipes ;)

Ohh! That's great! Watching them play around must be fun...

Its ancestral? I so look forward to that..

Yes, it is very fun and dynamic. I tell you a little bit, The use of banana leaves is an idea for several centuries. The natives of these mountains used them as their dishes they did not have dinnerware😀

As their dishes? That's really creative... Wow!! I wonder if the food tasted a bit different when served on the leaves... That sure is fun!