Gunung Salak, one of the local tourist destinations in Aceh

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Hallo steemit friend.
Weekends are the awaited day of almost everyone. Especially for those who are busy working from Monday to Friday. Generally Saturdays and Sundays are holidays in almost all countries. What do we do to fill that day off?
Some people have planned to unwind in the wild like on the beach, river, lake or in the mountains with beautiful nature.
There is also a hobby of shopping and some who want to gather with friends or just resting in total at home.




Likewise with me, on the last weekend walked with the family across the area with beautiful natural scenery at least for us who live around this place.
This area is named after the peak of gunungsalak. The road to this plateau includes only a few years of this busy past. a few years ago the road was still very ugly. Hard to pass with motorcycle especially with a car.



There are several places to relax while eating and drinking. Where we stopped there was a vast natural landscape with mountains and green hills. The air here is also cool refreshing.





Some photos I took with my smartphone, of course for me to share with you all.

So steemian friends all the short stories about the place I visited a few days ago. Hopefully this post can provide information about the place. And for friends who have visited this place can add or correct the information I provide.

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Photos by@askari (my own work)
Camera makerSmartphone Oppo
Camera modelR7Sf

Hopefully my post is useful for you


I also made some gif from my past post

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Beautiful photos! I like how the umbrellas are there to help provide shade.

keren keren fotonya bg :D

kalo mau posting lewat apa bagusnya bg biar banyak upvote ? lewat google atau lewat lainnya bg?
terus waktu yang pas jam berapa bg?
maaf saya pemula bg ,, trima kasih

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Dekat kampung saya tu

Very good pictures! Sad to see that there is so much garbich in the nature!

Nampak segar suasana, kecuali tebaran sampah plastik itu