It is Time to act and save our planet

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When the weather is so cold I often think are we heading towards the
end of the world.
I often notice how the climate is changing.
Winters are getting more extreme and so are the summers.
Scientists say it is due to global warming. Everything is changing.
This times the winters have been quite severe. There is very little
respite from the dipping mercury.
Look around there is so much snow all around. Everything is covered in white.
People have to spend their hard earned money to pay for heating their homes.
Without heating it would be impossible to survive.

Life has become sluggish all around. Perhaps nature is giving us time
to ponder upon our course of actions.

Hopefully as the winter eases and the fresh foliage of spring takes
root there would be fresh lease of life all around.

Thought it remains to be seen if we collectively work to stop the
damage to our planet or increase the pace at which we are moving
towards the doomsday.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is the time to
put together our efforts to put an end to the exploitation of mother
nature and its resources.

At the end of the day government and agencies can only do so much. If
we as citizens act towards protecting and preserving nature then this
initiative can go a long way.

Be it the act of recycling waste to reducing electronic waste and
disposing it off responsibly would go a long way.

Even the act of switching from paper bills and receipts to opt in for e- bills

Walking or using a bicycle in place of using the car can be a great
initiative that we must all commit too.

What do you thing about global warming and climate change and what are
you doing to protect and preserve our planet earth.
Do leave your views as comments.

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Agree with this completely. Need to take action

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People need to act proactively.
Even small steps go a long way.

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