Can you choose one sand sculpture? I think I like ....

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It is only during the school holidays that children really create pieces of art in the sand. It must take them a while to make them. The beach becomes a gallery of sand art! The finished pieces give a refreshing fun ambience to the beach that is not normally there. I visualise kids hard at it creating clever 3 dimensional sculptures during playtime. Then in the late afternoon during my walk I enjoy looking at their finished products.

Which sculpture is the best? Is it possible to choose just one? They are all so creatively good. I can just picture the energy and fun that was put into each one. So let's look at some more!

Which one would you choose?

Maybe the turtle heading down the beach to the ocean is a winner. The green leaf effect wins some points!

The mermaid is a hard one to beat. This sculpture would have taken a fair bit of time.

The good old sandcastle with the moat is an old time favourite. This sandcastle was seriously close to be washed away when I took this shot. It was one from 2016. I think the art sculptures are worth keeping and re-showing.

Which one of the four art sculptures is the first winner? I am not sure if I can! My option would be to make them all winners. I know, you might be saying that Angie Mitchell is no judge! You are so right! I like to give all the children a prize.

I thank all the children for their entertaining artwork. It is fun for them to make and fun for me to view them. They have to bring a smile to many walkers' faces as they walk along this fantastic surf beach at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Have a happy day.

Enjoy reading and please comment.

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For me all of them are winners because they made really excellent sculptures that I couldn't make when I was a child! They're very talented! My favorite one is the mermaid because I always dreamed of being one.. :)


I love the mermaid too. Maybe you were a mermaid once upon a time.


Aww I hope so! They're my favorite fantastic creatures!


Sorry, I am a bit late replying @claubzs. I know from my readings that it is highly possible to have an incarnated life as a mermaid or a merman. Sounds weird, but there you go!

howdy there @angiemitchell! I don't know...don't this dang kids have anything better to do? just teasing! lol.
I like the turtle, I think it's the most accurate. tell the others to come back next year and try again! there can only be one winner in sand sculpturing. is that mean?


No @janton, there is alway only one winner in competitions. I think the turtle is very creative too.


you have good taste in sand sculptures angiemitchell!