Do we really need walls for protection?

in nature •  2 months ago

The only kind of walls that we should be investing in are those to protect our coasts from rising sea levels. Other places started implementing this decades ago and here we are fucking twiddling our thumbs. We forget that it is human nature for us to migrate. Geography, from my new understanding, is actually the study of how the land affects the people and how they respond to it. So naturally, as the climate changes so do we. Yet we've become to comfortable that we refuse to acknowledge change. We refuse to adapt with it. And those that fail to adapt WILL be wiped out. In the Sahara, there have been plans to build a wall along the desert (already one in Morocco). This is a TERRIBLE idea. One thing, these walls interact with Nature. They BLOCK things. The wall is to keep people from moving into the area. The same as here in America. Why are they moving? BECAUSE THEIR FARMLAND IS BECOMING USELESS DUE TO CLIMATE CHANGE. We sit here in our comfortable homes forgetting where everything comes from. Forgetting all we eat (processed foods too cuz they have to start somewhere) come from the land. But what happens when that land no longer supports life? What happens when your way of life cannot be upheld and everything crumbles? Is that THEIR fault? Why are we shaming humans for looking for a better life? You gotta think about the whole picture. You're not an American (or whatever nation you're from). You're a human being that lives on planet Earth; the most diverse place in the Universe. Fucking love one another and think about what you'd do in other people's shoes if it were you. How would you feel?

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